Lead Singer/ Guitarist

David Frost  on Vocals and electric guitar, has worked in the music industry for more than fifteen years working with many top bands, artists and as a solo performer.  He started at the age of 15 learning the bass guitar and singing. Later he then met a guitarist and formed a trio called “Ending our Fears” back in the early 80s.  From this initial meeting, he met another soon to be a mate and after a spell as a roadie joined Major Flood on Bass and backing vox, one of East London’s regular gigging outfits in the mid to late 80s and early 90s.
He subsequently joined Latino rockers ‘Too Darn Hot’, where he first worked with Mike on a professional basis and later joined ‘Co Stars’, with whom he was lead vocalist and bassist for six years, one of the premiere function and artist backing bands in the UK, working throughout many parts of Europe and the Middle East.
Mike and David re-formed in the late 90s and started F.A.B.inc which worked throughout Tenerife in 2001 after a succession of gigs in the UK with David now on lead vocals and electro-acoustic guitar and Mike doing his stuff on the Sax and backing vox. Then after a spell of solo work in Cornwall and Europe, David joined Mullit, on bass guitar and backing vox. then worked his first winter season in 2004 and the South of France the following summer.
From 2006 performed Solo on Cornwall’s gold coast now on electric guitar until he went back to the Alps in 2008/9 to lead the Blues Ska outfit The Mountee back on Bass guitar and Lead vocals  Now back with Mike since 2010 and kicking up a Ska and rock storm in the Essex countryside.






Mike Harris on Tenor and Soprano Sax, played in a number of bands since the ’80s. His first musical project was at age 17, after few months of buying his first Alto Sax, he was with a group of friends including David Frost determined to be the next UB40 (not quite).
After this playing in a number of pub bands such as “Spectrum is Green”, “Diabetic Hedgehogs”,” The Walskin Bejivers”, “Watts DC” & “The Agency”.
In the mid 80’s he performed with  the Latin dance band “Too Darn Hot”. He was playing professionally for over 15 years doing Corporate, Weddings, etc. on Saxophone, Accordion,Congas and Dave was a regular member for a while (on bass).
In 1999, they formed the duo “F.A.B. inc.”, they played regularly and spent some time in Tenerife, Spain. Whilst in Tenerife,  He formed another duo “Danger UXB” and had some fun in the sun. He decided to come back to the UK in 2002 and gigged with other musicians For A While.
In October 2010, he responded to an advert from his old mate Dave looking for musicians……. The rest is history … long live SKA !!!